Widex Moment MRB2D 220 (RIC 312 D) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience crystal-clear sound with the Widex Moment MRB2D 220 (RIC 312 D) Hearing Aid. Advanced technology combines with discreet design, delivering exceptional hearing enhancement. Rediscover the joy of effortless communication and immersive listening in various environments, all day long. Elevate your hearing experience with Widex Moment.


Widex Moment MRB2D 220 (RIC 312 D) Hearing Aid Price 1,60,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Moment MRB2D 220 (RIC 312 D) Hearing Aid – Experience the Future of Clear, Natural Sound

Rediscover the joy of crystal-clear sound and seamless communication with the advanced Widex Moment MRB2D 220 (RIC 312 D) Hearing Aid. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this hearing aid is designed to provide you with an unparalleled auditory experience, enhancing your ability to engage with the world around you.

Key Features:

  1. PureSound™ Processing: Enjoy a new level of sound quality thanks to PureSound™ Processing, which preserves the natural characteristics of sound, allowing you to perceive nuances and details with exceptional clarity. Say goodbye to distortion and embrace the purest sound possible.
  2. ZeroDelay™ Technology: With ZeroDelay™ Technology, experience an immediate and synchronized sound input, minimizing any potential dissonance between the sounds you hear and your visual perception. This technology ensures a seamless auditory experience, making conversations and activities feel effortlessly natural.
  3. MySound™ Personalization: Tailor your hearing experience to your preferences with MySound™ Personalization. Easily adjust and fine-tune the settings of your hearing aid through a user-friendly app, optimizing your hearing to match different environments and situations.
  4. Wind Noise Attenuation: Say farewell to bothersome wind noise interference. The Wind Noise Attenuation feature intelligently reduces wind-related disturbances, ensuring your conversations and outdoor activities remain clear and enjoyable.
  5. Long-lasting Power: Equipped with a reliable RIC 312 D battery, the Widex Moment MRB2D 220 ensures extended usage, allowing you to stay connected throughout the day without worrying about frequent battery replacements.
  6. Sleek and Discreet Design: The compact Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design not only ensures a comfortable fit but also offers a discreet and virtually invisible profile. Say goodbye to bulky, outdated hearing aids and embrace a modern, sleek appearance.
  7. Connectivity Options: Seamlessly connect to your favorite devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions, via Bluetooth technology. Stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly to your hearing aid for a fully immersive experience.
  8. Tinnitus Relief: If you suffer from tinnitus, the Widex Moment MRB2D 220 offers relief with its integrated Tinnitus Management feature, allowing you to find a personalized balance between amplification and tinnitus relief sounds.