Widex Moment MBB3D 330 (BTE 13 D) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience sound clarity like never before with the Widex Moment MBB3D 330 (BTE 13 D) Hearing Aid. Its cutting-edge technology ensures natural sound processing and comfort, making conversations and everyday activities a joy. Rediscover the world of sound with this advanced and discreet hearing solution.


Widex Moment MBB3D 330 (BTE 13 D) Hearing Aid Price 3,00,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Moment MBB3D 330 (BTE 13 D) Hearing Aid – Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Sound and Unmatched Comfort

Experience a revolutionary breakthrough in hearing technology with the Widex Moment MBB3D 330 (BTE 13 D) Hearing Aid. Designed to elevate your auditory experience, this advanced hearing aid redefines the way you perceive sound, ensuring utmost clarity and naturalness in every interaction.

Key Features:

  1. PureSound™ Technology: Immerse yourself in the world of pure, unaltered sound. The Widex Moment MBB3D 330 leverages cutting-edge PureSound™ technology to process sound with exceptional fidelity, preserving every nuance and detail across various listening environments.
  2. Personalized Soundscapes: Tailored to your unique hearing needs, this hearing aid offers customizable soundscapes that adapt to your preferences and surroundings. Enjoy optimal sound quality, whether you’re in a quiet room or a bustling crowd.
  3. ZeroDelay™ Sound Processing: Say goodbye to delays and distortions. ZeroDelay™ technology ensures that sound reaches your ears instantaneously, eliminating any lag for a seamless and natural listening experience.
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your favorite devices and enjoy direct streaming of calls, music, and other media. Stay connected without compromising on sound quality.
  5. Comfortable Design: The discreet Behind-The-Ear (BTE) 13 D design provides a comfortable fit that is virtually unnoticeable. Experience all-day comfort while benefitting from the advanced features of the Widex Moment MBB3D 330.
  6. Long-Lasting Battery Life: Keep up with your busy lifestyle without worrying about battery replacements. The Widex Moment MBB3D 330 boasts an extended battery life, ensuring your hearing aid remains powered throughout the day.
  7. Smartphone App Integration: Take control of your hearing experience with the dedicated smartphone app. Adjust settings, personalize soundscapes, and monitor battery levels with ease, all from the convenience of your smartphone.
  8. Tinnitus Management: If you’re dealing with tinnitus, the Widex Moment MBB3D 330 offers tinnitus management features, helping to alleviate the symptoms and provide relief.