Widex Moment MBR3D 330 (BTE RD) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience natural sound clarity with the Widex Moment MBR3D 330 (BTE RD) Hearing Aid. Its advanced technology delivers exceptional speech understanding and noise reduction. The sleek behind-the-ear design ensures comfort and discreet wear. Rediscover the joy of hearing with this cutting-edge solution.


Widex Moment MBR3D 330 (BTE RD) Hearing Aid Price 2,90,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Moment MBR3D 330 (BTE RD) Hearing Aid – Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Sound

Experience the world of sound like never before with the revolutionary Widex Moment MBR3D 330 (BTE RD) Hearing Aid. Designed to provide you with exceptional auditory clarity and comfort, this cutting-edge hearing aid is engineered to bring back the joy of hearing in a natural and effortless manner.

Key Features:

  1. Mind-Blowing Sound Quality: The Moment MBR3D 330 boasts state-of-the-art sound processing technology that ensures every nuance of sound is captured and delivered to your ears with utmost precision. Whether you’re in a noisy environment or enjoying a quiet conversation, you’ll be able to enjoy a rich, vibrant soundscape that enhances your overall hearing experience.
  2. Revolutionary SoundSense Learn: This hearing aid learns from your preferences and adapts to your individual hearing needs over time. SoundSense Learn technology intuitively analyzes your listening environments and fine-tunes the settings to match your personal preferences, allowing for a seamless transition between different sound environments.
  3. PureSound: Say goodbye to the discomfort of distortion and feedback. The PureSound feature in the Moment MBR3D 330 ensures a distortion-free, natural sound experience by analyzing incoming sounds and adjusting in real-time to prevent any undesirable artifacts.
  4. Wind Noise Attenuation: Enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about wind noise interfering with your conversations. The Moment MBR3D 330 employs advanced wind noise reduction algorithms that help minimize the impact of gusty winds, ensuring clear communication no matter where you are.
  5. Sleek and Discreet Design: The behind-the-ear (BTE) design of the Moment MBR3D 330 offers a perfect blend of style and comfort. It fits comfortably behind your ear, providing a discreet and comfortable fit that you can wear confidently all day long.
  6. Long-Lasting Battery Life: With an efficient power management system, the Moment MBR3D 330 offers extended battery life, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted hearing for longer periods without constantly worrying about recharging.
  7. Connectivity Options: Seamlessly connect to your favorite devices with Bluetooth compatibility. Enjoy hassle-free conversations, music streaming, and other media directly from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  8. Personalized Fitting: The Moment MBR3D 330 is fitted and programmed by trained professionals to ensure that it aligns perfectly with your hearing needs. You’ll receive personalized guidance and adjustments to maximize your hearing experience.