Widex Moment Sheer MRR4D 110 (s RIC RD) Hearing aid Price in Bangladesh



Product Specification: Widex Moment Sheer MRR4D 110 (s RIC RD) Hearing Aid

  1. Model Name: Widex Moment Sheer MRR4D 110 (s RIC RD) Hearing Aid
  2. Hearing Aid Type: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid
  3. Manufacturer: Widex
  4. Technology: Widex Moment platform
  5. Sound Processing Features:
    • PureSound technology for natural and clear sound
    • ZeroDelay feedback cancellation to reduce whistling or feedback noise
    • Wind noise reduction for improved comfort outdoors
    • Speech Enhancer technology to enhance speech understanding in noisy environments
    • SmartSound IQ with Machine Learning for automatic sound adjustments based on the listening environment
  6. Battery Type: Size 10 Zinc-Air battery
  7. Battery Life: Varies depending on usage and environment, typically lasts several days
  8. Connectivity:
    • Compatible with Bluetooth technology for direct streaming from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • Widex app support for personalized control and adjustments
  9. Programming and Fitting: Adjustable and programmable by an audiologist for personalized settings based on the user’s hearing needs
  10. Design and Build:
    • Sleek and discreet RIC design for comfortable wearing
    • Various color options to match individual preferences
  11. Size and Weight: Compact and lightweight for comfortable all-day wear
  12. Water and Dust Resistance: Rated with an IP (Ingress Protection) code for protection against water and dust (specific rating may vary, e.g., IP67)
  13. Tinnitus Support: Some models may offer tinnitus management features to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms
  14. Telecoil: May include a telecoil feature for better compatibility with telecoil-equipped phones and assistive listening devices in public venues
  15. Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty coverage for a specific duration against defects or malfunctions
  16. Accessories (may be sold separately):
    • Charging station or battery charger
    • Cleaning kit for proper maintenance
    • Additional domes or custom earmolds for optimal fit
    • Remote control or remote microphone for added convenience