Widex Moment MRR2D 440 (mRIC R D) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience crystal-clear sound with the Widex Moment MRR2D 440 Hearing Aid. Its advanced technology ensures natural sound processing, while the sleek mRIC R D design offers comfort and discretion. Rediscover the joy of hearing with this cutting-edge solution.


Widex Moment MRR2D 440 (mRIC R D) Hearing Aid Price 3,90,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Moment MRR2D 440 (mRIC R D) Hearing Aid – Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Sound and Enhanced Hearing Experiences!

Experience the revolutionary advancement in hearing technology with the Widex Moment MRR2D 440 (mRIC R D) Hearing Aid. Designed to bring you unparalleled auditory clarity and comfort, this cutting-edge device is meticulously crafted to redefine your hearing experience and seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

Key Features:

  1. PureSound™ Processing: Immerse yourself in natural and pristine sound quality. The innovative PureSound™ technology ensures that every sound you hear is processed with exceptional clarity, richness, and depth, allowing you to rediscover the joy of hearing.
  2. ZeroDelay™ Technology: Say goodbye to delays and echoes. With ZeroDelay™ technology, enjoy real-time sound processing for seamless interactions and conversations, making social interactions effortless and enjoyable.
  3. SoundSense Adapt™: Your hearing preferences, your way. The SoundSense Adapt™ feature intelligently learns and adjusts to your listening preferences in different environments, providing personalized sound settings that adapt to your unique lifestyle.
  4. Compact mRIC R D Design: Experience discreet elegance. The compact design fits snugly behind your ear, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. The mRIC (miniature Receiver-In-Canal) design guarantees a discreet appearance without compromising on performance.
  5. Long-Lasting Power: Stay connected all day. The Widex Moment MRR2D 440 (mRIC R D) Hearing Aid boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring uninterrupted usage throughout your busy schedule.
  6. Connectivity Options: Seamlessly connect to your favorite devices. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or TV, the hearing aid’s advanced connectivity options make streaming audio a breeze.
  7. Wind Noise Management: Enjoy the outdoors without interference. The advanced Wind Noise Management feature ensures that gusts of wind are minimized, allowing you to savor outdoor activities without distractions.
  8. Speech Enhancement: Elevate your conversations. Speech Enhancement technology amplifies spoken words, making conversations crisp and clear, even in noisy environments.

Rediscover the joy of hearing and connect with the world around you like never before with the Widex Moment MRR2D 440 (mRIC R D) Hearing Aid. Experience the perfect harmony of advanced technology, comfort, and style, and take a decisive step towards enhancing your auditory world.