Widex Moment MRR2D 220 (mRIC RD) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience the future of hearing with the Widex Moment MRR2D 220 (mRIC RD) Hearing Aid. Enjoy natural sound quality and cutting-edge technology that adapts to your environment for optimal listening. Discreet, comfortable, and personalized to your needs, it’s a transformative solution for better hearing and enhanced communication.


Widex Moment MRR2D 220 (mRIC RD) Hearing Aid Price 1,60,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Moment MRR2D 220 (mRIC RD) Hearing Aid – Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Sound and Enhanced Hearing Experience

Unveil a world of auditory clarity and redefine your hearing experience with the cutting-edge Widex Moment MRR2D 220 (mRIC RD) Hearing Aid. Crafted with precision and innovation, this state-of-the-art device represents the pinnacle of modern hearing technology. Whether you’re engaging in conversations, enjoying your favorite music, or relishing the sounds of nature, this hearing aid is designed to elevate your auditory senses.

Key Features:

  1. Revolutionary Sound Quality: The Widex Moment MRR2D 220 harnesses groundbreaking technologies to deliver unparalleled sound quality. Its unique Widex SoundSense Learn technology adapts and learns from your listening preferences, ensuring that you receive personalized and crisp sound, no matter your environment.
  2. PureSound Processing: Say goodbye to distortions and unwanted noise. The PureSound processing in this hearing aid works tirelessly to provide a natural and authentic sound experience. Enjoy conversations and interactions with utmost clarity.
  3. mRIC RD Design: The discreet Receiver-in-Canal (mRIC RD) design combines style and comfort, ensuring that you can confidently wear your hearing aid throughout the day. The sleek and ergonomic design not only enhances your hearing but also complements your individual sense of fashion.
  4. Smart Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your favorite devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream audio directly to your hearing aid. Enjoy phone calls, music, podcasts, and more without the hassle of external devices.
  5. Long-Lasting Power: Experience extended listening sessions with the Widex Moment MRR2D 220’s efficient battery life. Stay connected and engaged for longer periods without worrying about frequent recharging.
  6. Personalized Control: Fine-tune your hearing experience using the dedicated Widex Moment app. Adjust volume levels, choose preset listening modes, and customize settings to match your unique hearing preferences.
  7. Dynamic Feedback Cancellation: Bid farewell to the annoyance of feedback and whistling sounds. The dynamic feedback cancellation technology intelligently identifies and eliminates feedback, allowing for comfortable and uninterrupted listening.
  8. Enhanced Speech Clarity: Whether you’re in a crowded restaurant or a serene park, the Speech Enhancer feature isolates and emphasizes speech sounds, making conversations remarkably clear and intelligible.