Widex Moment M XP 110 (ITC) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience clear and natural sound with the Widex Moment M XP 110 (ITC) Hearing Aid. Its advanced technology ensures personalized comfort and precise amplification. Say hello to improved hearing and better quality of life.


Widex Moment M XP 110 (ITC) Hearing Aid Price 90,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Moment M XP 110 (ITC) Hearing Aid – Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Sound

Experience the world of sound like never before with the remarkable Widex Moment M XP 110 (ITC) Hearing Aid. Crafted to provide unparalleled auditory enhancement, this cutting-edge device combines advanced technology, discreet design, and exceptional comfort to elevate your hearing experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. In-The-Canal (ITC) Design: The sleek and discreet ITC design ensures that your hearing aid remains virtually invisible, allowing you to enjoy improved hearing without compromising your personal style.
  2. True-To-Life Sound: Equipped with revolutionary Widex Moment technology, the M XP 110 captures sound naturally, just as your ears would, providing a more authentic and true-to-life auditory experience. Say goodbye to artificial and processed sound quality.
  3. Zero Delay Processing: The Moment M XP 110 boasts Zero Delay Processing, which eliminates the delay commonly experienced in other hearing aids. Enjoy instantaneous sound processing for a seamless and natural hearing encounter.
  4. PureSound™ Signal Path: Immerse yourself in pure and unadulterated sound with the PureSound™ Signal Path. This feature preserves the integrity of sound from source to receiver, delivering crisp and clear auditory input.
  5. Personalized Soundscapes: Tailor your hearing experience to your unique preferences with the customizable soundscapes. Adjust settings to suit different environments and activities, ensuring optimal hearing whether you’re in a quiet room or a bustling social setting.
  6. Smartphone Connectivity: Stay connected to your digital world effortlessly. The Widex Moment M XP 110 allows seamless integration with your smartphone, enabling you to manage settings, stream calls, and enjoy your favorite music directly to your hearing aids.
  7. Long-Lasting Performance: With efficient power consumption, the M XP 110 offers extended battery life, ensuring that you can enjoy clear and vibrant sound throughout your day without constant recharging.
  8. Comfortable Fit: Designed with your comfort in mind, the M XP 110 features a contoured shape that fits snugly and securely within your ear canal. Experience hours of wear without discomfort or irritation.