Widex Magnify MRBO 50 (RIC 10) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience crystal-clear sound with the Widex Magnify MRBO 50 (RIC 10) Hearing Aid. Designed for superior comfort and discretion, it redefines your auditory world. Rediscover the joy of conversations and music with advanced technology tailored to your unique hearing needs.


Widex Magnify MRBO 50 (RIC 10) Hearing Aid Price 52,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Magnify MRBO 50 (RIC 10) Hearing Aid – Experience Clearer Sound and Enhanced Listening Comfort!

Rediscover the joy of effortless communication and immersive auditory experiences with the Widex Magnify MRBO 50 (RIC 10) Hearing Aid. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, this advanced hearing aid is designed to enrich your life by bringing back the sounds you love.

Key Features:

  1. Crystal-Clear Sound: The Magnify MRBO 50 ensures exceptional sound clarity, allowing you to hear conversations, music, and the world around you with unprecedented precision. Say goodbye to missing out on important details and relish the richness of sound once more.
  2. Revolutionary RIC Design: The Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design of the Magnify MRBO 50 combines discreetness and performance. The slim profile offers a sleek, nearly invisible appearance while delivering powerful sound directly to your ear, ensuring optimal comfort and improved audibility.
  3. Dynamic Speech Enhancement: Enhance your ability to engage in conversations effortlessly. The intelligent speech processing technology isolates and amplifies speech frequencies, making conversations more distinct and natural-sounding, even in challenging listening environments.
  4. Personalized Listening Experience: Tailor your hearing experience to your preferences with customizable settings. The Widex Magnify MRBO 50 offers various programming options, enabling you to adjust volume, tone, and other parameters to suit your individual hearing needs.
  5. Smart Connectivity: Stay connected to your digital world. The Magnify MRBO 50 is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you to stream audio directly from your smartphone, TV, or other devices for a seamless and immersive listening experience.
  6. Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy prolonged use with confidence. The hearing aid’s efficient power management ensures extended battery life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  7. Discreet Design: Crafted for both functionality and aesthetics, the Magnify MRBO 50 boasts an elegant and understated design that sits comfortably behind your ear. Its modern appearance complements your style while discreetly providing the support you need.

Rediscover the joy of vibrant soundscapes and meaningful interactions with the Widex Magnify MRBO 50 (RIC 10) Hearing Aid. Elevate your auditory experience and embrace a world of clear communication, all while enjoying the comfort and sophistication of cutting-edge hearing technology. Say hello to a life filled with the beauty of sound – order your Widex Magnify MRBO 50 today and unlock a new dimension of hearing possibilities.