Widex Evoke E3 CIC M 330 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience natural sound with the Widex Evoke E3 CIC M 330 Hearing Aid. This discreet Micro CIC device combines cutting-edge technology and a comfortable fit, delivering clear and personalized sound. Rediscover the joy of effortless conversations and vibrant surroundings while enjoying the discreet design that fits snugly in your ear.


Widex Evoke E3 CIC M 330 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid Price 2,80,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Evoke E3 CIC M 330 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid – a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology and discreet design. Engineered by Widex, a renowned name in the realm of hearing solutions, this compact in-ear device is a testament to their commitment to superior hearing experiences.


  1. Micro CIC Design: The Evoke E3 CIC M 330 boasts a micro Completely-in-Canal (CIC) design, ensuring optimal comfort and near-invisibility when worn. Its discreet profile allows you to embrace clear hearing without compromising your aesthetics.
  2. Advanced Sound Processing: Equipped with advanced sound processing technology, this hearing aid brings clarity to conversations and soundscapes. It intelligently adapts to different environments, ensuring you hear every detail, from soft whispers to dynamic music.
  3. Personalized Soundscapes: The Evoke E3 CIC M 330 takes customization to a new level. Through its intuitive app, you can fine-tune your hearing preferences, creating a personalized soundscape that resonates with your unique hearing needs and preferences.
  4. SoundSense Learn: This revolutionary feature learns from your adjustments, gradually refining the hearing settings to match your preferences in various situations. The more you use it, the better it becomes at delivering a natural and immersive auditory experience.
  5. Connectivity: Stay seamlessly connected with the world around you. The Evoke E3 CIC M 330 offers compatibility with smartphones and other devices, allowing you to stream audio directly to your hearing aids and effortlessly manage settings via the app.
  6. Long-Lasting Power: With an efficient power management system, you can enjoy extended usage without frequent battery changes. The Evoke E3 CIC M 330 ensures you stay connected and engaged throughout your day.
  7. Speech Enhancement: Engaging in conversations becomes effortless, thanks to its intelligent speech enhancement capabilities. Background noise is minimized, and speech clarity is maximized, enhancing your ability to communicate confidently.
  8. Feedback Cancellation: Say goodbye to unwanted feedback and whistling sounds. The advanced feedback cancellation technology in the Evoke E3 CIC M 330 ensures a seamless listening experience without interruptions.
  9. Automatic Environment Detection: Seamlessly transition between different sound environments. The hearing aid’s automatic environment detection ensures that you experience optimal sound quality, whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or in a noisy environment.
  10. Comfortable Fit: The Evoke E3 CIC M 330 is designed for comfort, even during extended wear. Its ergonomic design and customizable fit ensure that you can enjoy your day without discomfort.

Rediscover the joy of clear, immersive hearing with the Widex Evoke E3 CIC M 330 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid. This advanced device combines discrete aesthetics, powerful technology, and personalization to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience tailored to you. Embrace every moment with confidence and clarity, and never miss a beat of life’s vibrant symphony.