Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh


Experience discreet and clear sound with the Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid. This compact device fits snugly in your ear canal, providing natural sound quality. With advanced technology, it enhances your listening experience while remaining virtually invisible. Regain the joy of hearing with comfort and style.


Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid Price 65,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid – Your Gateway to Crystal-Clear Sound and Discreet Comfort!

Experience the ultimate blend of cutting-edge technology and discreet design with the Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 Hearing Aid. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, this Micro Completely-in-Canal (CIC) marvel offers an exceptional hearing experience without compromising on style.

Key Features:

  1. Micro CIC Design: The Enjoy CIC M 100 is ingeniously small and snugly fits within your ear canal, virtually invisible to others. Enjoy the benefits of superior hearing without anyone even noticing.
  2. Advanced Sound Processing: Powered by advanced sound processing technology, this hearing aid ensures a natural and immersive auditory experience. Catch every nuance of sound, from soft whispers to vibrant melodies, with exceptional clarity.
  3. Personalized Soundscapes: Tailor your hearing experience to your unique preferences. The Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 adapts to your listening environment, automatically adjusting to different sound scenarios to deliver optimum sound quality.
  4. Wind Noise Reduction: Say goodbye to the annoyance of wind noise disrupting your conversations. The built-in wind noise reduction feature enhances speech clarity even in breezy outdoor settings.
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your compatible devices with built-in Bluetooth technology. Stream calls, music, podcasts, and more directly to your hearing aid for a convenient and connected experience.
  6. Long-Lasting Battery: Enjoy extended listening hours with the efficient battery life of the Enjoy CIC M 100. Spend more time engaging in conversations and activities without worrying about frequent battery changes.
  7. Easy Controls: Adjust settings effortlessly with intuitive controls. Fine-tune volume levels and switch between listening programs to match your current listening situation.
  8. Comfortable Fit: Engineered for comfort, this hearing aid offers a secure and comfortable fit that allows you to wear it all day long without discomfort.
  9. Tinnitus Management: If you experience tinnitus, the Enjoy CIC M 100 offers customizable relief options to help alleviate the bothersome ringing or buzzing sounds.
  10. Expert Support: Backed by Widex’s legacy of innovation and expertise in hearing technology, the Enjoy CIC M 100 comes with professional support to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Rediscover the joy of clear and natural hearing with the Widex Enjoy CIC M 100 (Micro CIC) Hearing Aid. Elevate your auditory experience discreetly and effortlessly, making every moment more engaging and enjoyable.